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the issues

Our mission is to establish and preserve a stable future for our children and for all New Jersey residents. We carry out this mission by elevating candidates who support these values.

Girls in Classrom

We believe in the freedom of public education, in which academic institutions provide the critical thinking skills for our children’s future.  We also firmly believe that school should not interfere with the religious autonomy and ideologies of the child and their family values.  Furthermore, in the spirit of parental freedom,  the government should fund the education of children in the school of their parent’s choice. 

Baby with Toys
Pro Life

We believe that life begins at conception, and our mission is to protect the life of each unborn baby. Protecting the sanctity of human life is one of our core goals. 

Foggy Forest

Humanity was entrusted with the stewardship of the environment, and the food supply of the world. We have an obligation to protect endangered species, and to preserve the cleanliness of our environment. 

Apartment Building
Social Issues

The government should have the means to provide social programs to the elderly, and to those who are in financial distress. We believe that the state of New Jersey should provide basic human needs such as healthcare access, drug coverage, and affordable housing. 

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